Nostalgia isn't always positive

We had an International Harvester Scout II back in the early 70s. It was one on the least comfortable breakdown prone vehicles we have ever owned. Sold it and got a nice reliable Datsun pickup. It was no more comfortable but was very reliable. Maybe VW can bring reliability to the Scout brand.

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I was on a downtown sidewalk last Saturday, and got ICE-fumed by an old Scout!

My thought was “please let EVs arrive, ASAP!”.

Maybe US could follow China’s lead?

China Observer… Is it propaganda? IDK so take it with a grain of LiPO4?


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Doubt that. VWs were pretty solid, when I bought mine, 10 years ago. The latest J D Power reliability ratings were pretty terrible for both VW and Audi.

VAG management stated their goal plainly, a few years ago: to push prices and margins up, a lot. Seems that quality took it on the chin, in their pursuit of profit.


Sounds like jackwelchism didn’t just infect US businesses.

I think people like the idea of a Scout. Not the actually experience of one.

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That’s usually true with nostalgia.

Remember the good old days when everyone came together and watched the Ed Sullivan Show? Yes; and remember you only had 3 or 4 channels to watch.