Not a chartist but...

History doesn’t repeat itself but…

Lay a straightedge on the peaks after the “09” low and looks like we might be at another summit.
Can see why Jim is adding to the dry powder and waiting for the next valley.…



Thanks. This chart is gives a bit longer perspective:

To say I’m not a chartist is an understatement.

So…can you add some color commentary? What am I looking at?


I’m obviously learning. I was trying to get Brk.A earlier in time than the original post, but my chart wasn’t logarithmic and it didn’t go back as far as I’d hoped, 1986 or so.

What can I say… I’ll work on it and go back to lurking.

“I realized that technical analysis didn’t work when I turned the chart upside down and didn’t get a different answer”.

—Warren Buffett

“charts are great for predicting the past”.

—Peter Lynch


but my chart wasn’t logarithmic

Click Advanced Chart > Chart Style > Price Display > Logarithmic then click Draw Chart


That’s true, but sometimes they’re useful to illustrate a point. At the 2020 Berkshire Annual Meeting,
Warren sat alone at his table in an empty convention center and showed us a table of the stock market returns from the 1920’s onward to illustrate that it took up to 25 years for some to make their money back.


Thank you. I figured it out. Now i need to understand how to read a logarithmic chart.