Not Pleased

Not pleased with Apple is putting it politely.

I have many weather apps on my phone. I rarely use any of them except for Dark Sky. Dark Sky tells me everything I am immediately interested in as soon as I open it, and everything else that matters to me with very little extra poking.

Apple bought Dark Sky a while back. Today, when I start it, it says Unavailable as of 1/1/2023.

Tap on that and it tells me that it has been integrated into the updated Apple Weather App. When I open that… nope, I can’t get what I’m looking for. One example: I want to see the wind for Thursday and Friday. I want what I have with Dark Sky, which shows both speed and direction for every two hours. And I can see the same for wind gusts.

No pleased really doesn’t cover it.


RH, I am in Hurricane Alley and weather is very important to many of us living out here, exposed, in America’s Caribbean.

Most everyone I know, especially fishermen, use the National Weather Service for correct wind speed, chance of rain, radar, etc.

Here’s the opening page.

Set it up for your locale.

See the map on the opening page? Move your cursor over it AFTER you type in your zip code to the search box. Click on your home. Wind speed and more pop up and this data is direct and updated minute by minute.

If I continue scrolling to bottom of the page, I get my nearest NWS (which is in Key West, 22 miles away) radar in real time.

I many times have the drop on Miami Weather people on TV because they are using Miami radar to forecast Keys weather. And our NWS, of course, shows much more detail about the Florida Straits and surrounding waters.

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Thanks, Peregrine. That certainly has the details I want, though it is quite lacking in the convenience, especially on a phone!

BTW, I’ve owned APPL since 2011. My overall return is 966%; annualized return (XIRR) a bit under 25%.