Not seeing Unread count

I don’t get the count of unread topics anymore, just a dot beside the topic. I’m using a phone.

Screenshot …

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Doesn’t matter phone or laptop or desktop. No more “unread topics” - the feature has been merged into “Topics” with no count. The count was helpful if only in terms of how much was unread and being able to gauge the time to read them all. I guess "less is more: has become the rule. :slight_smile:


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There is still an unread count on the desktop, just on some mobile views, it’s been compressed to reserve space.

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Okay thanks I’ll just go into the topics with a dot then. I thought it was a malfunction of some sort. I use a phone pretty much exclusively.

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I haven’t seen it on desktop - is it somewhere other than in the “Topics” section?

Nevermind - I see it now, it’s on the opposite side of the page.



No…it’s still in Topics but your settings might need tweaking.

Go to your preferences and select Notification Menu
check the ones below and click save.
I think that should fix it.

direct link to your preferences:

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At first I thought ‘no big deal’ a dot or a number I can live with that and then I went about my normal routine which is to read the Tags first then the Categories and finally the Community. When I got to the Community I thought ‘wait a minute’ how long am I going to have to dedicate to this area? There’s no message count. And even worse when you get into it I have no idea of whether or not this is stuff I’ve been following or a bunch of stuff that I have absolutely no interest in.

Don’t you just love change?

Maybe you do but I don’t. It sucks.

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OK, here’s another deal about the dreaded dot. I notice on the Tags and the Categories the dreaded dot eventually goes away indicating you’ve read it all but in the Community there’s no way to tell when have I finished reading all this crap?

Seems to me there needs to be some work done in this area cuz I ain’t about to read nor skim all this stuff.

Just remember this is just my opinion and I’m an old phart and prone to complaining.

On my desktop, I have two tabs open, one on free and one on premium. In premium, I still have the counts. In free I have dots.

Having now used it for a while, I quite miss seeing the count drop. At times, I have something else to do, but will finish unread items first if there aren’t many to go or switch to the other task right away if there are a lot left.

I also miss under Topics, having it go directly to New.

Lucky you dude. It’s a shame you have to pay $70-$80 per year to be dot-less.

And your Navigation settings, see above, are different in each site.

Update your Nav preferences in free as described above and you should see the links on the free side.

All good now. Thanks!

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Took me a while to find it, but find it I did and all fixed now. Now the question is, how did it get that way since a few days ago they were the same.