Now we know why Texas is cooking

Jeff Hildebrand, the 2nd richest Billionaire in Houston, made his fortune by purchasing old, leaking wells that the majors like Exxon and Shell were being forced to plug to meet methane emissions targets. And then he ratchets down operating and maintenance costs while emissions run wild. Of course, he’s a big Christian and generously donates to the Catholic Church. But he’s making the Earth hotter than Hell.



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Very interesting read. Thanks for sharing. A few years ago the news had an interview with a secretary on tv in Houston. She worked for Hilcorp (at the time I never heard of them). The interview was about a special bonus all the employees had gotten - $100,000. This was the second such bonus she had gotten having worked there for 10 years. She had also gotten a BMW for a bonus! She was very happy and spoke to the wonderful work environment at Hilcorp. She also said the people in the executive offices were excellent examples as people and leaders. Now I know more…doc


People in Houston spoke very favorably of Enron, too.

I’m sure HilCorp is wonderful to its employees, but they’re doing the Devil’s work. {lol}


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There should be an extreme clawback.

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