NTNX Earnings

NTNX is suppose to report earnings this week. I was looking at some of what expectations were in preparation.

NTNX reported on last earnings call that they expect 325-335M in revenues.

Here is the breakdown of Q1 and Q2 from 2018 and Q1 from 2019.

Total Revenue Q1 ’18
127m-Non-Portable software
6m-Pro Serv
81m-Pass-Thru Hardware

Total Revenue Q2 ’18 (Change from Q1 ’18 to Q2 ’18)
74M-Subscription (19% q/q)
129M- Non Portable software (1.5%q/q)
6M-Pro Serv (0% q/q)
78M-Pass thru hardware (-4%q/q)

Total Revenue Q1 ’19
147m-Non-Portable software
7m-Pro Serv
32m-Pass-Thru Hardware

Change from Q1’18 to ’19
Subscription +105%
Non portable software +16%
Pro Serv +17%
Pass thru hardware -60%

Predicted (guesstimated) change from Q2 ’18 to Q2 ’19
Subscription 151m
Non portable software 149m
Pro Serv 7m
Pass thru hardware 30m

The number to keep an eye on is the subscription number, if it is higher than 151m then I believe it is a beat and I would expect the stock price to reflect that going forward.