NTNX Investor day 20Mar2019


We’ll see how well they present themselves.

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I saw the interview with Cramer. Nutanix has a salesforce problem and a strong competition problem. Doesn’t matter if their products may be better than VM Ware. They may be a little better but VM Ware is a powerhouse and I’m sure they are fighting tooth and nail to capture all of the business. I heard the comment that the TAM is big enough for more than one player. Well maybe but Nutanix is wounded and they need some serious triage. I do think they will come back for a while. As Saul said, it will probably take 2/3 quarters before we see any evidence of this. So while they may “wow” at the Investor day; I see it as a no touch for now.



NTNX seems to be getting a nice bump from the CFO talking up the pipeline today