NTNX: Pandey Back on Cramer

I love this guy. Love his clarity, humility, focus, ability to articulate his vision and he just seems like a supremely decent human being. Interesting to have Youtube and be able to watch a guy span a decade or two. And I gotta say, the logo is ultra badass. Best line, “There’s a movement around Nutanix that I feel very confident about”

Nutanix CEO Sees an Opportunity to Improve Efficiencies in the Cloud


Word in IT circles is that while Nutanix made a big deal about being a 3b/yr revenue company by 2021, internally they are whispering of 4b.

Normally guidance is conservative, of course, but the 3b 2021 call was already pretty gutsyi thought.

They are very ambitious for sure.


Long ntnx, ttd, nvda, iq, huya, bzun, and jd.

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I think the best line is that they want to make integration “radically simple.”
Lurker who loves this board…

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I finally got around to watch the 6 minute video of the Nutanix CEO interview with Cramer. I too was struck by the line “…how to make it radically simple for our customers…”