Nutanix tops WhatMatrix HCI league table

Nutanix has come out tops in a report by the enterprise tech comparison website WhatMatrix that compares 10 hyperconverged infrastructure vendors and 12 products.

The suppliers, products and overall percentage ranking scores, (higher=better) are:

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform – 87.4%
DataCore SANsymphony – 83.3%
VMware VSAN – 76.6%
Datrium DVX – 75.7%
Pivot3 Acuity – 73%
Cisco Hyperflex – 71.6%
Dell EMC VxRail – 71.6%
HPE SimpliVity – 71.2%
NetApp HCI – 70.3%
Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct – 68.5%
Dell EMC VxFlex OS – 60.8%
HPE StoreVirtual VSA – 59.5%




What are the odds that some company on that list will try to buy Nutanix?

Good to see Nutanix at the top. But does the crowded field imply a commodity market? Switching vendors are high. This can be considered a moat. By the same token a company will have little motivation to switch if they are already with say Dell/VMn and we know they have a huge customer base. Seems like one of the key things to watch for is how quickly Nutanix can keep adding new customers.

Rumor mill. ORCL in late stage talks with NTNX speculation.