Analysts Divided

The response to ER seems to be all over the map - though obviously negative with price drop.…

So either business model or sales/marketing is busted. Doesn’t feel like this stock is likely to flounder. If biz model busted it can still fall another oh, 100%. If not, can rise high in long run.

Smoothie Ad, Techies?

Nutanix has an ad (see link below) that reads,

“It’s how you mix compute, storage, networking and virtualization the way you want to. Make your own “smoothie” today:”

Might we have any techies here that would buy/use Nutanix? Would love your take on this ad. Do you get excited by ability to make the smoothie? By the idea that THIS is “how you mix” compute, storage, networking and virtualization? Seems childish and lame to this non-techie. Is customization of these things the most important benefit - as opposed to term they use in one place, “speed to value” or simplicity, security, etc?

Interesting that Chief Product Officer left. This actually could be good sign in that it means they are clearly moving out of product development phase and focusing on selling what they have instead of developing new products, adding greater complexity. Speculation is he will become a CEO elsewhere. Of course this could mean he sees writing on wall here and has fled the way I ran from room screaming and crying when hairface girl from “The Ring” climbed through TV.…

Al Gore’s fund in for over $250,000,000

NO POLITICS! But of note that Al Gore’s Generation Capital just bought over 8,500,000 shares. Clearly these folks believe the story. Gore is connected out the wazoo in tech/govt and with Generation’s mission focused on green issues/sustainability they likely see modernized data centers as having a green angle. He is a long-time Apple board member.…

Generation’s relative performance is strong …

The Financial Times reports the firm’s global equities fund has produced annual returns of 13.5% (vs. 7.3% for the benchmark MSCI World index).…

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Personally I am holding because I simply need to practice patience, like/trust CEO, and products seem to be strong ones in space with huge TAM. Was 3.5% position and I enjoy following the story which I’m supremely focused on now in my work. This is a uniquely powerful example of story in business. A big drop in this one not fatal. I also think, like pretty much all stocks followed here in the 5B range, it is huge buy-out candidate as a lifeline to avoid total debacle.