NVDA: Deep learning (AI) in Healthcare


Deep Learning’s Deepest Impact: AI Storming Through $6.5 Trillion Healthcare Industry

surge in startup activity is another sign of how fast deep learning is being adopted by the healthcare industry. The number of AI and deep learning healthcare startups has grown more than 160 percent in the last five years, analysts estimate.

Deep learning in healthcare is the leading industrial application of AI, according to venture capital tracker CB Insights, raising $1.8 billion across 270 deals since 2012. Just this year, these startups have raised over $132 million across 22 deals.

Startup Arterys — which will be showcasing its technology at MICCAI 2017 — taps into cloud computation and deep learning to help physicians to measure blood flow through the heart’s ventricles. It’s a process that usually takes 45 minutes. Arterys does it in 15 seconds. Theirs was the first cloud-based deep learning application to get FDA clearance to use machine learning in a clinical setting.