NVDA: Expedia using AI to


But Castro wants his AI to do more than show beach views before bathrooms. He’s working on deep learning models that will tailor images to customer types. Business travelers might prefer photos of the gym instead of pool pictures, while the opposite is true for vacationing families…

Expedia trained and deployed its neural network using our GeForce GTX GPUs locally and NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators in the Amazon Cloud. Castro and his team first built a dataset — crowd-sourcing ratings for 100,000 Expedia hotel images. Testers rated each image six times to produce half a million image scores.

Researchers then taught a pre-trained convolutional neural network called VGG16 to classify each image into one of 1,000 image categories. The network also predicts what objects are likely to appear together — a drink, a table and a restaurant, for example. On top of that, the

team trained a deep learning model to match the original crowd-sourced ratings.

The team executed the model in a single day.

Thousands and thousands of business will use AI and NVDA is the tool of choice to enable AI applications. How big will AI get? Who knows…but I would bet (and I am) that AI will be as enabling as electricity.