NVDA: Forbes article on Nvidia SHIELD


Nvidia Shield TV Gains Google Assistant Intelligence, The Best Streamer Just Got Better

Nvidia is rolling out a software update for its Shield TV set top multimedia and streaming device today, bringing the power of Google Assistant to the platform. Essentially, this turns Shield TV into not only a smart, AI-assisted media streaming and management device that’s ideal for cord cutters, but it also brings almost all of the Google Home feature set to the system now as well, save for a couple of dedicated functions like timers and phone calls. Of course now, Google Assistant will also have a “head” on it, so to speak, such that you’ll be able to see content on your TV that the AI conjures up for you, when responding to requests. For example, you might ask to look at your day’s schedule in the calendar app, or get a visual representation of the week’s weather report, or the current traffic conditions on your commute to work in Maps. Basically, whatever you can do with Google Assistant on your Android phone, you can now do on the Nvidia Shield TV as well, and on the big screen.