NVDA: GE subsidiary using AI robots for inspecti


NVIDIA’s chips are well-suited to the computations that underly neural networks, and Avitas plans to using them to power the data analytics and image recognition system that will let its semi-autonomous robots and drones identify defects during equipment inspects in industries like oil and gas…

…Alex Tepper, the head of Avitas, said the business chose to partner with NVIDIA because, in addition to having the best hardware, the company has deep expertise in how to build AI software on top of its chips. Because some of the chips will be embedded in robots that operate in harsh industrial conditions, GE had to make sure that its entire hardware and software system was built correctly.

Tepper said Avitas has “dozens and dozens” of inspection robots out in the field already.


I think this is more of the real future of NVDA than cryptocurrency, though it doesn’t mean that cryptocurrency can’t create big ripples in the share price.