NVDA: Metropolis Software Partner Program


Opening up our effort to put deep learning to work creating safer, smarter cities, our Metropolis Software Partner Program, announced today, brings together a dozen software partners.

The program offers a curated list of applications that makes it easy for systems integrators and hardware vendors to build new products.

Together, we’re taking advantage of the more than 1 billion video cameras that will be in our cities by the year 2020 to solve a dizzying array of problems.

Imagine video-based, automated, real-time control of traffic signals to ease traffic congestion. Or cameras mounted on traffic lights that can help you find parking spaces. Or even using cameras to better target preventative maintenance for roads and bridges.

List of partners:

Briefcam: Video synopsis solution for quick video review and search, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights.

Deep vision AI: Brand, logo and product identification to perform analytics and provide personalized content to retail customers.

Herta Security: Facial recognition solutions for law enforcement in crowded public places.
Icetana Self-learning intelligent analytics to detect anomalies in real time from surveillance videos and quickly alert operators.

Ironyun: AI video sear­ch using a natural language interface.

Omni AI: Self-learning system for anomaly detection on video, SCADA, cyber, image and analytics data in real time.
OpenALPR: Automatic license plate recognition software for smart cities, law enforcement and corporations.

Sensen Networks: Real-time parking and speed enforcement solutions for cities. Applications for casinos such as table game and customer analytics.

Sensetime: Facial recognition solution for public safety, retail and access control.

VisionLabs: Cross-platform facial recognition solution for controlled (biometric authentication and identity assurance) and uncontrolled (retail, smart cities and public safety) scenarios at scale.

Vocord: Real-time biometric facial recognition software with very high accuracy.

Xjera: Solution for people and vehicle counting for enterprise and commercial applications offering high accuracy, high levels of customization and robust security.


I understand parts of London are fully covered by cameras.https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2011/mar/02/cctv-cameras-watc…

cameras have gotten lots cheaper and resolution is better. Assuming authorities really want to catch people committing arson and looting and assaults, lots and lots of cameras should be a big help. If people are worried about privacy limit their law enforcement use to felonies, not things like jay walking. AI ,cheap storage and wireless should make the images more useable in law enforcement.

There is a huge potential. OTOH many cities are too broke to buy anything that does not add revenue.