NVDA: SAP using NVDA GPUs for its customers


In our recent webinar with Frank Wu – SAP Director of Machine Learning at the SAP Innovation Center Network, we heard first-hand how DGX Station yielded a 170x performance improvement in their deep learning training environment. As Frank shared, the streamlined deep learning workflow and training performance boost is helping SAP create new AI-powered business applications such as:

service ticketing that uses deep learning to intelligently route customer help requests to the right agent for faster resolution.
SAP Brand Impact enabling companies to measure ROI impact of brand marketing investments

Additionally, Frank shared key benefits of DGX Station that appealed to his team at the SAP Innovation Center Network, including:

*the dramatic acceleration of neural net training, moving from days between training to near real-time iteration
*the simplified experience of leveraging NVIDIA Docker, along with the ease of deploying and using NVIDIA-optimized frameworks like TensorFlow, Theano, and PyTorch
*the ability to support multiple teams accessing the DGX remotely
*the quiet, office-optimized user experience of DGX Station