NY City trying to end forced broker's fees for renters

American business thrives on skim, scam and fraud.

What to Know About New York’s Latest Attempt to End Forced Broker Fees for Renters | THE CITY — NYC News



Actually, businessmen and investors do not thrive in that manner, except for in usually brief ugly spasms, and those spasms tend to kill the underlying creative productivity that they degrade.

Every now and then some folk have that realization and the USA gets a sort of crucial renewal. A classic example is what happened in the 20th Century in the USA.

The Rotary Club might be the single most important social invention made by the USA as it entered its golden century of power and influence beginning 1905. Its two founding slogans are:

Service Above Self
One Profits Most Who Serves Best

The Welch’s and Enron scammers and etc. are looters. Most profit based wealth comes from

zillions of small improvements of small people,
working within supportive organized structures, and from
inventive giant insights by “titans” who unleash the future.

Reviewing the Rotary Club’s history and actions is illuminating

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I wish that was true today.

The poster “weatherman” over on Shewd’m directed me to the blog of antitrust lawyer Matt Stoller.

Economic Termites Are Everywhere - BIG by Matt Stoller (thebignewsletter.com)

{{ “Where did these economic termites come from? We decided four and a half decades ago that monopolies were good. After 1998, the Antitrust Division stopped bringing monopolization cases, and in 2005, the Supreme Court unanimously endorsed monopolization as foundational to the health of American economy. After twenty years of not bringing cases, business executives realized the best way to run a business was to create a tollbooth in some mostly unnoticed part of society. So now, each supply chain is made up of a bunch of different bottlenecks, too small to notice.” }}

and then, we have the anti-Matt Stoller, Google’s antitrust lawyer/lobbyist Joshua Wright




intercst, we are in agreement. I used the wealth instead of money or lucre to vaguely indicate actual value of goods and services as opposed to winnings won in battle with other loot lords.

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