Odds of Civil War at the Southern border and macroeconomic affect?

I only need one guess. They all voted for the same politicians who caused their financial ruin in the first place.

Insanity: keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.


Enter the “dignity of work” narrative. There is already a work requirement for people aged 16-59 to receive SNAP. Extend the minimum age down to 12. Make school optional beyond age 12. Then, instead of leaving people to find their own jobs, require them to work where the government tells them to work. The government, of course, tells them to work for whoever has the best lobbyist in the capital.

Because forced labor is “slavery” when someone else does it, but “dignity of work” and “personal responsibility” when Shiny-land does it.


The CEOs and the boards of all their companies are going to be facing HUGE pay cuts when the govt requires THEM to work those jobs…