"Off topic subjects that don't belong

Yes, there are some off-topic subjects that don’t belong on the board. What comes to mind off the top of my hat are subjects like politics, like extended discussion of technical analysis subjects, like how to cultivate apple orchards (after the initial two or three posts), like private humorous conversations (also after the initial two or three posts). That’s just a few, but you get the idea.

There even are companies that probably don’t belong on the board. Like a company that has seen decreasing revenue and decreasing earnings over a number of years, and now is being considered as a take-over, or a sell-off-the-parts candidate. That’s simply not what this board is about. There are other boards for this kind of situation.

I’ve seen calls to move discussions of Bofi to another board because I’ve sold out of it. I don’t think that’s a good reason to stop discussing a stock. I sell out of plenty of stocks but welcome discussion of them (CRTO, EPAM, PAYC, WAB, LOGM ZOES, POL, XPO, etc, etc, etc). I see the problem with Bofi as being all the intense feelings around it (pro and con both), so that the recent discussions were less discussions of the fundamentals of the company than angry feelings being expressed (pro and con) about the recent short attacks. This was very disruptive to our board. Thus, rather than we not discuss a stock because I have sold out of it, a cooling off period on Bofi might be a good idea, and then a return to discuss its fundamentals would be welcome.

Best to all of you,



Saul: in response, and hoping to lead by example, I propose from now on to do what is only decent and right with any host. Having chosen to attend (to be a guest) I will gratefully comply with the rules of the house. After all, you have clearly expressed your wishes how guests should conduct themselves here, and not conduct themselves here and I for one intend to follow those guidelines.

I wonder if you might consider appending a few simple ‘rules of the house’ to the knowledgebase. You could then always refer to ‘the knowledgebase and rules of the house’ as you usually do to new arrivals.

This might help in that, instead of posters rising to every artificial fly which floated downstream, perpetrators could simply be briskly referred to ‘rule of the house #x’ and summarily asked to desist. Not sure if it would work but it’s an idea.

Meanwhile, avoiding the gratuitous flattery which is also sometimes a feature here, may I say how intriguing your methods are, how kind you are to keep us abreast and how enjoyable this board usually is! Not everyone, for example, appreciates that it goes against the grain for an investor looking for a better price to publish his purchases before they are complete.


The Knowledge base update sounds like a good suggestion if you wanted to get that formal about certain do’s and do not’s. I have seen this done on boards in the past and often works well.

I also wanted to just remind people of a quick ignore thread button. It conveniently grays out any new posts in a thread you don’t care to participate in and makes board navigation easier. I used it on a thread that seems to have become a bit unpleasant lately.

I would also hate to have too many stock restrictions here. I find these boards a great place to share and find new ideas. If we limit them too much I am afraid people might become afraid to post their ideas. If your not interested you could just not reply or ignore the thread. Those with no replies will go away rather quickly.



If we limit them too much I am afraid people might become afraid to post their ideas.

Question: What do you think should happen if someone posts a stock and it turns out that early examination reveals that it has a 1YPEG of 92, an outrageous PE, declining earnings and revenue, etc., i.e., it is clearly not the sort of stock which would ever survive the kind of screen which is the core of Saul’s approach (even though he cheats on it at times, thereby further demonstrating his humanity! :slight_smile: )?

I think the natural reaction is that people wont’ be interested and it will be a short conversation.


I like your idea
We are all here as guests and if people do not want to follow the rules, we just don’t respond to their post, hopefully they will get the message without sending a message :slight_smile: