Ok - But What Does it Mean?

Warning 1: There is no investing advice to be found anywhere in this post.

Warning 2: Not flossing before bed will promote more annual cleanings at your dentist. (Do not use
mouthwash with Alcohol. Its bad for you.)

Several months ago I decided to place my portfolio on TipRanks which is a website that purports to have some 56,904 investors with their portfolios listed on the site. You can decide to keep your portfolio
private or make it publicly available. There is no cost for the Basic service but it gives you access to what 56,903 other people who also have their ports on the service think about your stocks a great many insightful and valuable stuff that can be used for something or other at your discretion.

Here is the TipRanks website for anyone interested:


I am proud to report that I have done very well there in comparison to the other 56,903 investors; and, based on my current portfolio results have clawed my way up to a #56,899 ranking. Its a lot of fun and I spend a couple of hours every weekend sending mocking memes to the 4 people I am ranked ahead of.

Note 1: If you are among the 4 poor souls I torment and taunt every weekend please know that it is all in jest and that I keep firearms handy.

Note 2: If you are among the 56,898 folks who send me mocking memes every weekend please be advised that I know where you live!

Anyway, in an attempt to use the TipRanks data to scientifically evaluate the potential upside to the stocks in my portfolio I analyzed every single portfolio on the site to gauge the investor interest and knowledge in all of my companies. It took precise planning, a detailed methodology, and exacting and tedious attention to execution.

Note 3: Actually all you have to do to obtain this data is type in the stock symbol and a summarized version pops up.

Note 4: Early on, when considering the immense gravitas and weight of this scientific study I decided that what it needed most was theme music:


Here in the unaudited format is the number and percentage of TipRanks portfolios that contain my stocks:

Note 4: The scientific method requires that I also have a list of some companies not in my portfolio to compare the data with.

Here are the results for my stocks:

  1. SQUARE is in 4,316 Portfolios 7.58%

  2. TWLO 2960 Portfolios 5.2%

  3. TTD 1,380 Portfolios 2.4%

  4. NTNX 1,196 Portfolios 2.1%

  5. MDB 920 Portfolios 1.6%

  6. DOCU 660 Portfolios 1.2%

  7. ZS 640 Portfolios 1.2%

  8. AYX 576 Portfolios 1.0%

  9. SMAR 520 Portfolios 9/10 of 1%

10)PVTL 340 Portfolios 6/10 of 1%

11)EVBG 256 Portfolios 4/10 of 1%

12)ESTC 2/10 of 1%

Some Conclusions:

  • Surprised that the TipRanks group seems to favor SQ over TWLO and TTD after their recent blow out earnings coupled with some issues of concern that have impacted SQ over the past couple of months.
  • Hard to believe that AYX is ranked only marginally higher than SMAR.
  • PVTL is not last: hahahahahaha
  • Is the ESTC ranking trying to tell me something? Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Here is the control group of rankings for equities not in my portfolio"

APPL 18,808 Portfolios 33%
AMZN 15.324 26.9%
FB 12,628 22.1%
NVDA 9280 16.3%
NFLX 8,464 14.9%
GOOG 8,292 14.6%

Expert Analysis from CPTF: Many of the stocks in my portfolio have not entered the main stream consciousness of the typical investor. They are yet to be discovered - and if they continue to perform will attract greater and greater inclusion in portfolios of retail investors. Or - alternatively, it could mean that I am the only human being on the TipRanks site to have a portfolio chock full of stocks nobody wants. Its possible - right? So if that is the case, how come I am up so much over the last 3 years. Simple: Saul’s board of insightful folks; Tinker’s board of deep analysis; and PDL (Pure Dang Luck.)

Ok - but what does that mean? Maybe something - maybe nothing.

Cant say as I really know - but what I do know is that far smarter minds here will figure it all out. Just need to keep digging - all that free data on TipRanks has to be worth something doesn’t it?

A few other stocks from TipRanks for consideration:

SHOP 2,348 4.1%
IQ 1,948 3.4%
OKTA 1,460 2.5%
WDAY 1,224 2.1%
TEAM 1,088 1.9%
ETSY 920 1.6%
WIX 860 1.5%
CLDR 796 1.4%
ZEN 768 1.3%
MELI 620 1.1%
COUP 444 7/10 of 1%
GH 208 4/10 of 1%
PLAN 140 2/10 of 1%

All The Best,


Hey Muchael,

Just some random, probably meaningless, thoughts…the stocks we follow on the boards you reference are not yet mainstream. When and if they become mainstream, they are no longer the growth stocks many of us follow; then they are a different kind of investment.

That said, who knows what it all means.

Keep posting, please

Be well. All the best


Nice post. Good work on the memes.

I think you nailed it with it simply being the case of some stocks are lesser-known.

If you tell someone you have apple google fb netflix or amazon stock, they know who you are talking about.

Probably the correlation has to do with b2c vs b2b, due to people often “investing in what they know”.

Unless you are in IT, why would you know estc or ayx? Unless you were in ad industry why would you know ttd?

So i am not sure the b2b stocks, regardless of how big they get, will ever get as much awareness by retail investors as the larger b2c companies.

But that doesnt mean the hedge funds and traders arent well-aware of saas/cloud/tech b2b stocks by now.




I think you are spot on - but, starting think that the lesser names such as PLAN, COUP, SMAR and
EVBG might offer more “short term” upside while building from a smaller base CAP. I am already in SMAR and EVBG and have nice gains working. Covet COUP and started getting interested in it before it ran up from the 60’s. PlAN maintained Rev Growth in its recent report but perhaps the TAM is hard to define.

All The Best

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Note 1: If you are among the 4 poor souls I torment and taunt every weekend please know that it is all in jest and that I keep firearms handy. (bolding mine)


While you may have been joking, I see no humor in either direct or veiled threats with firearms simply because I have seen first hand what can be inflicted with them, first when I was an intern in an inner city hospital of a large city on the East Coast and later while moonlighting (to pay off educational debt) in emergency clinics in a major West Coast city. I have also seen what started as an “innocent” threat in jest later turn deadly.

While I enjoy occasional levity, I find this particular kind of talk rather offensive and it doesn’t contribute a thing to my understanding of the stocks discussed here.

As to the first group of stocks, it is no surprise that the % holdings simply reflect the market cap of a given stock with two outliers, DOCU, a slow grower, and ESTC, a recent IPO and the youngest of the lot.

I. M., MD


IM: You are correct and please accept my sincerest apologies.

All the Best