Ok - Summer is Here and Whats Next

One of the key subscript service gurus I follow believes we are due for a summer retreat which would allow for better entry points ACB. It should be pointed out that they are not the only ones I follow that are sounding the Retreat. Now…they are chartists of a sort and trade more frequently than I do - which, in and of itself doesn’t rattle me all that much - however, in general they put their money where their charts are and trade accordingly.

At this point it should be noted that like all charts folks they follow a conversational pattern that goes something like this: We believe that given where the market indicators are today
it is highly probably that a near term pullback is a certainty; that is unless, XYZ occurs and then we could see a healthy Bull run. Our probabilities call for 100% recessionary conditions forcing stocks lower unless the market somehow slugs t was out.

Any way - what to do? As I mentioned there are a number of folks I follow who are seeing the same market dark clouds on the horizon. However, all that might mean to long time, experienced investors is that they should keep some cash on hand for portfolio roster augmentation.

Note that with two exceptions the roster remains the same: I did sell out of ENPH. Why - well because a highly respected subscription guru, that has been sky high on ENPH did and they believe that a better entry will ensue. We’ll see. the other company I sold out of was MELI - and did so with a hardly discernible loss. Why? Pretty much the same reason as above and to raise cash for all the buying opportunities that the pros claim are coming my way.

When I combine all that with fact that I will be mostly out of pocket this summer I would like to do so without looking back over my shoulder to see what’s gaining on me. So basically my plan is to let the core roster do the heavy lifting and tamp down the trading a bit.

We’ll see how all that works out. Hope everyone has a fantastic summer.

All the Best,
BDH Investing.

Oh…one last thing before I take off for a bit. Several of the older folks from the Mongoose have written to ask me about BDH Investing - supposing some how that I have joined one of those groups of investment advisors; or, alternatively, starting a service on my own - which I find laughable for a great many reasons.

BDH Investing is nothing more than an inside joke between me and the All-Too-Lovely. It came about this way:

A couple of years ago I was approached about joining a group that was going to debut their subscription service on Seeking Alpha. Since I do very little without running it by my wife…I did. Her comment was something like this: Well…if that is something you want to do, although I can’t imagine why…just do it on your own. Thats what you do with everything you do and I don’t see how this would be anything different.

Then I said something - joking around - well I could do it on my own I suppose but then …what in the world would I name it? Without hesitation she replied: How about Big Dumb Hick Investing? That was the end of the conversation and any thought I ever had of trying to pass myself off as anything but an amateur investor.

Hope everyone has a Blessed, fun, profitable and safe summer.


Wives are often adept at keeping their husband’s egos in check… lol

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


As for me, I have a loosely tight list of mostly big tech companies that I should call starter in this forum, and then I have a number of momenum stocks that I have with with Stop Limit GTC orders, that I adjust almost daily to mostly 10% - 15% of current price and/or the level of gain I feel enough.

If the order gets hit, depending on the conviction I have on the stock, I buy again when I feel it makes sense. I did that with AI with good reults. If I get to like the stock, I research way more and I might remove the stop limit as it becomes a starter.

I am thinking about a 20% stop limit for starters also, and buy later when things settle. But I have not done that yet. My starter stocks are still emotional (and yes, I know it’s not a good thing, but it is what it is).

This already saved me from loosing more than I wanted. And protects me from those nasty 60% off my cost base typical of 2022. While the coffee can method seems awesome, 2022 proved nowadays with algos and AI things changed a bit.

Nevetheless, I still need to learn to be less greedy and sell as soon as I feel I’ve made enough, save it for another opportunity and let the other take the rest. I need to sleep more at night.


Yeah, me too.

A friend of mine who is also a Saulite has about $100k to “play” with and uses 10% Trailing Stops to protect it. Of course the second I mention Trailing Stocks all sorts of experts come out of the woodwork to explain in terms I never understand why it is such a bad idea.
My friend still has his $100k.
Me? I lost enough to buy a house on the river with a TSLA in the garage.

16% YTD


Quick check-in from out of town:

Added several positions over the last several days, all with Scout Team level contracts as follows:

CRWD at $151.50
TSLA at $253.16
CFLT at $34.64
ANET at $158.49
AMD at $120.25
ONON at $30.15

The only two that are actually consigned to Scout Team are CFLT and ONON. The rest are intended to advance into Bench and/or perhaps STARTER positions.

All the Best,
BDH Investing