Okta Q319 Results

Q3 revenue totaled $105.6 million, growing 58% year-over-year; subscription revenue grew 58% year-over-year

Q3 operating cash flow margin improved over 20 points year-over-year

Positive free cash flow for the quarter

Guidance for next Qtr-

Total revenue of $107 to $108 million, representing a growth rate of 39% to 40% year-over-year.

Note, Okta sand bags quite a bit.

This supplemental doc is pretty awesome! Scroll though the tables and you will notice they make it easy to see their financial direction with percentages etc…

Also at the bottom is some great customer info. Notice customer count has an upward trend percentage-wise.



To add a little more detail to what Chris posted.

Rev % change

2018      58  56  57
2019  62  58  58

Not slowing at all.

Rev. of 105.6 M (guidance was 96-97 M)

Gross margin of 75.8% (72% last year)

operating expenses were up 28% (vs 58% rev. growth)

operating margin of -6.1% (vs -28.9%), up more than 20%!!!

Net expansion rate of 120, 7 quarters in a row (at least) above 120

CFFO 6.4 M(6.1% of rev.) vs  -9.5 (-14.2%) last year

FCF 1.4M(1.3% of rev.) vs -11.2 M (-16.8%) last year, 18% improvement!!

Guidance was "only" 40% rev. growth, but as Chris said, they sandbag (beat this quarter's guidance by 9%)

I have to say, a great quarter (haven't listened to the call yet). This company is growing like crazy and improving profitability at the same time.