Okta VC on Software-Defined Networks

A good read :


"A little more than a decade ago, I started investing in startups. My whole career had been as an entrepreneur and operator. It was a new challenge.

The thesis was simple: The most valuable businesses of the future would be networks, rather than traditional companies. I got off to a good start, investing in companies like Twitter and Twitch. Soon, Ann Miura-Ko and I co-founded Floodgate, and we backed other networks like Lyft, Okta, Xamarin, and many more.

Today, I am convinced that:

Software-defined networks will be the most valuable businesses, displacing traditional corporations as central actors.

Networks can bring exponential improvements in prosperity throughout the world.

Networks will encounter fierce resistance from traditional businesses, governments, and other parts of society that don’t want a different future."



“Networks” as used in the article is just another word for “trade.” It was in 1776 that Adam Smith wrote that division of labor (horizontal value chains) is more productive than monolithic manufacture (vertical integration). But if you don’t make everything yourself, you have to trade. It’s as simple as that.

Denny Schlesinger