O'Leary Compares Bitcoing to $MSFT


Numerous celebrities have changed their stance on bitcoin over the years, and Kevin O’Leary is among that group. Back in 2019, Shark Tank’s host said the leading digital asset was “worthless” to him. He went further, labeling it as “useless currency” and “garbage because you can’t get in and out of it in large amounts.”

In February 2021, he started softening his viewpoint, saying he’s not against it and even respects the asset. Shortly after, the Canadian turned into a BTC hodler, allocating 3% of his portfolio.

Ever since his entrance into the ecosystem, Mr. Wonderful (as is his nickname) has praised the cryptocurrency’s merits. “I’m in for the long run,” he stated last summer, adding that no other digital asset has the potential to replace BTC.