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Since you were scared to mention 3 stocks as we requested. Going to assume the below was your stocks.
Your Face book group will never match the successful trades via Simon Sez III. NO body can beat Simon’s record.

If a baseball play comes to the plate 62 times and successfully hits singles 62 times, what is his batting average ?

re: AXP - 30 out 30 successful trades - since the “V” with zero losses *, + , #.
re: BRK/B - 29 out of 29 - ditto
re: WFC - 27 out of 27 - ditto
re BABA - assuming Oct of 2015 - 70 out 70- ditto
re: BNSF - possible typo error

    • Minor headfakes can and do occur.
    • Charts don’t lie, People do !

- Lucas the spider says " Let the Prey come to you and not the inverse."

I wish you guys the best,

Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader.