OLN lookout

Long term holder here and it’s running strong with a very bullish outlook. Wondering what a good strategy is to ride this up if it continues but stop out should it tank. The run up over the years has this stock as a large percentage of my portfolio. Have picked up many shares in the mid 2000s in the low teens and more recently just below the $10 mark in March of 2020…


Cramer would suggest ‘trimming’ a position that has grown to a large percentage of a portfolio, to bring the holding back in balance. Then take some of the profits and go buy a sweater or something. Mike Baxter would suggest you buy a boat. :^)

Cramer? As in Jim Cramer, ugh! Lol sorry cannot take him seriously at all.

I do agree that trimming some would be ideal however to flip that money into something else (well would that be better than where it’s at)? Probably if going to a “like” stock that is not some overly risky bet and a little diversification if it tanks. I have rode through some dips over the years and can say today I’m glad I did, if I trimmed back then I’d be a little annoyed I did not hand in there today.

Anyone have a crystal ball?