OMG - 130 year retirements?

How to live forever (almost): Scientists say it will soon be possible to live to be 200 - Until then, Niklas Brendborg explains ways to be healthy including not eating too much broccoli…

Now imagine trying to figure out a ‘safe withdrawal rate’ for 130 year retirement.

If folks like to 150 or 200, likely they’ll still be working at age 120. Hmmmm…



If you think you’ll live that long, definitely delay social security til 70


3% withdrawal rate seems appropriate with 130 years of retirement.

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Scientists say it will soon be possible to live to be 200

We can already do a whole bunch of things to increase our life span and improve the quality of the years we have. It doesn’t take much of a look around to see how many people aren’t following the well-known guides that exist now.

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Scientists say it will soon be possible to live to be 200

“Possible” is different than “is a good idea.” Our bodies begin to wear out, depending on occupation, between 50 and 70. Some people make it with good health (although not the same strength of endurance) into their 80’s. A few intrepid souls do so into their 90’s.

But the cells reproduce/replace more slowly and with more defects. The organs wear out. The muscles atrophy. The joints creak. All of that may be slowed down, but nobody is going to tell me that life spans will double or triple, at least not until Dr. McCoy’s Tricorder is in common use and maybe not even then.

Our lifespans have barely improved by a decade even with modern medicine. (Age tables are skewed by the improvement in infant survival; add a lot of zeros to the average and you have a lower life-span, but that’s not a real number that affects 60 year olds.)

Given the slowing down of mental acuity I have seen in almost everyone over the age of 90, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be around for 200; I’ll be a drooling vegetable strapped into a chair somewhere. Not a future I want to contemplate.


“Scientists say it will soon be possible to live to be 200”

Is this a take off of “Kids say the darnest things!”?

Scientists may come up with a way to live as a freeze-pop and consider the result a
wonderful way to live.
However, artists may be a better judge of the quality of life as well as the longevity
of life.
Seems as though an individual is the best one to decide if they want to continue
fighting the good fight.

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I have no interest in outliving all of my loved ones and close friends. I’d prefer to be one of those people who dies peacefully in my sleep at an unusually young age. (Since most people who die young either die of overdoses, traffic accidents or long illnesses.)

Longevity has no appeal to me. I suffer enough as it is. No need to see what it’s like thirty years on.


The secret to living to 200 would be the slowing of aging…or stopping the process for at least the first 100 years. That was what the article is about.

Some animals…and to some extent, humans regenerate tissue. And bone mass. Some creatures can regenerate an entire limb.

Of course, retirement age might then be 170 years old.

I wonder how big IRAs would get after 150 years of compounding if your started saving early?



“Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”

Susan Ertz