Online Ad Blocking is Growing...Fast

When I read this I not only thought of Facebook and Google - the companies the article mentions by name - but also CRTO:

Statistically sound data is hard to come by when measuring users that employ ad-blocking techniques. However, regardless of the firm conducting ad-blocking research, the results are similar: The number of consumers who have apparently had enough of online ads is growing at a tremendous rate.

According to data from PageFair, in June 2014 there were 144 million Internet users across the globe actively using ad-blocking technology monthly, equal to about 4.9% of the world’s online population. What makes that figure even more telling is June 2014’s ad-blocking survey results were a nearly 70% increase from the prior year. And the trend continued into 2015.

By June of this year, there were just shy of 200 million ad blockers worldwide, or 6% of all Internet aficionados. The news gets worse for Facebook, Google, and other digital advertisers that derive a significant portion of ad sales from the states. As per eMarketer, U.S. digital ad spend will total nearly $59 billion this year, almost twice that of second-place China’s $31 billion. We are also the world leader in utilizing ad-blocking solutions, according to a study conducted by Oxford University.

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Actually, I’m surprised there’s that little use of ad blocking.

I’ve had adblocking on FF for just about forever…


It’s no wonder that ad-blocking is growing because advertisers have overplayed their hands. I don’t mind having some ads on a web page, in fact it’s good because I know that supports the cost. But those ads have continued to become more intrusive and higher in count. They pop things up in your face just as you start reading or they start an audio stream. I close any page immediately when that happens. They delay the loading of the page and cause it to rearrange while you are trying to read something. You are often expected to sit through a 30-second video ad just to see a 30-second video, not just once on a site, but every time. They got too greedy and now there is a backlash. I started using an ad-blocker this year on Chrome on my PC. I will use one on my iPad as soon as I can because ads loading seem to affect it even more. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten half way through the first paragraph on a page only to have things shift around to accommodate another ad. Often, that happens several times on a page.

I see some of the same over-advertising on TV. Back when I was still working I would turn on the TV when I was getting up 10-15 minutes before 7 to catch the tail end of the local news and weather. I got out of that habit when I no longer was on the same schedule. I did still do that once in a while until I noticed that the 10 minutes before 7:00 was now nothing but commercials, some two or three times, with a couple of 30-second breaks for quick updates on headlines and weather. Totally not worth the effort and I quit trying to watch it at all. Other news-type shows often have 2-4 minutes of ads, pretend to come back to the show by doing a sweep of the studio, then do another few minutes of ads. And all of this is on top of most of us paying to watch these channels already in our cable/satellite bills.

Will all of this create more backlash and will it affect CRTO. I don’t know, but I don’t feel like investing in a company that tracks me in order to try to sell me things, so I don’t really care. It is interesting to ponder though.



The small video ads that run out of sight tick me off. Video ads also chew up a lot of your data plan.



Steve I love “reader” view on my iPad, it stop all the nonsense.

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Steve I love “reader” view on my iPad, it stop all the nonsense.

Thanks TMFFlygal, I had an iPhone before the iPad and used reader sometimes on the phone just to make sites readable. I never carried that over to the iPad because everything is usually large enough to read. Never thought about it as a way to “stop all the nonsense”.