I know some on this board used to follow the 3D stocks. Organovo just launched their exVive3D™ Human Liver Tissue for preclinical drug discovery testing today.

Interesting, and looks to be a growth product for them.


Up 12% right now.

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Before getting too excited you might want to look into the market opportunity for their near term tissue products. Weigh the market opportunity against the current stock price and risk of investing at the moment. If you evaluate it anything like I did you will find the risk reward is way too far weighted to the risk side. I watch this stock out of curiosity but am happy to wait until they are at least cash flow break even. I don’t remember which one but a while back they talked about their near term market opportunities with tissue samples on an investor conference. Lets just say I was less then impressed. Given the risk in the stock I need to have some very large profit potential to take the risk and it just isn’t there for me.

Good Luck!

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