Open source DataDog

Opstrace is being launched by a couple of people. One of the founders co-founded Docker, and worked on Cloudfare, Kubernates, etc.

Comments are also interesting where they are talking about cost involved in using DataDog.

Rise of this Opstrace software/platform is something to watch out.


I am looking at the comments where some developers are saying things like:

“The headline feels deliberately clickbait-y and disingenuous. I love and support the idea. Aspirationally, the founders may want to compete with Datadog, but OpsTrace overlaps some small percentage of Datadog’s feature set.”

Comments from the employees are basically agree and say the title is more “aspirational” and repeat “we are very early in our journey”.

Datadog is a very large company now that has been constantly innovating at an extremely fast pace. I they have cream of the crop engineers working from them. I don’t think its possible to simply catch-up from a feature/performance point of view, especially to sell to big enterprises. Competition from Dynatrace/New Relic/Splunk/Elastic should be what you want to keep your eye on.

Are they a threat right now? No. Could they be at some point? Maybe


Are they a threat right now? No. Could they be at some point? Maybe

I agree with this point and your other point about current strength of DDOG.
In addition,considering the background of one of the founders, I would not be surprised at their potential disruption.

Industry wants to solve their own problems, not the problems of some software package that was free to download. Linux (open source alternative to Sun Solaris and other commercial Unix packages) only became ubiquitous in industry when commercial versions with vendor support came with.

Linux took about 10 years to really supplant the bought versions of Unix like Sun Solaris.