OpenSIL replacing AGESA

The link is to a presentation in Prague, CZ. It is a very badly done presentation.* But the slides are clear. The new BIOS can be used/tested today on Genoa / Bergamo (EPYC). In 2026, OpenSIL will be the only route for Zen 6, servers, desktops, laptops, and whatever.

*…even much more easier… That didn’t make me throw up, but there was some more fractured English in the presentation. I gather Raj is not a native English speaker. He did get the message across. And as I said, the slides are clear. (Yes, I am a stickler for proper English. My brother and I ran a letterpress printing shop in our basement. David and I got very decent at reading the (mirror-image) type and fixing typos. Then my mother looked at it. She would always find something to fix, even if it was just an em-quad for an en-quad.) Notice that I put mirror-image above in parentheses. That bothered me. I learned that when you had nested parentheses like that, you were expected to use curly braces {} for the inner pair. But no one does that today. For many years I avoided nesting except in mathematical functions and LISP. :wink: