Opposite of Nibbling?

What’s the opposite of nibbling? There’s got to be a word for that…

Anyway, sold a bit more at 360.50. Now have sold 7.5% of my BRK.B in a price range of 330-360. I understand the case for never selling…and have largely put that into practice. But, at 1.6 of BV, can’t see any downside to lightening up a bit in a tax-sheltered account.


Is it your best idea to sit in cash or do you see attractive alternatives?

Sit in cash for the time being. I don’t have any ideas better than Berkshire. If I don’t use the cash for something else I figure it’s virtually certain that I’ll be able to pick up Berkshire on the cheap at some future point.

The opposite of nibbling - dribbling!

Professor Talon