Oracle Complaint Against DoD Cloud Strategy

This is interesting. I need to read more into the details on the Request For Proposals, but wondering if this offers any insight into Pivotal or MongoDB.…

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Oracle is just fighting dirty to try to steal some of the contract from Amazon. You can bet they wouldn’t be arguing if they thought they were winning this RFP. Mind you, I agree there are risks to having one company handle everything, but also risks the other way - in this case, I’m thinking the DOD thinking is not too wrong. Typically the prime contractor is going to have a hundred subcontractors anyway, to handle the minefields in each separate internal dept.

Oracle is really known for fighting dirty - both in terms of getting the sale (lots of special prizes for decision makers - if you know what I mean), and unexpected extra costs after the sale. I wouldn’t call them the most ethical of companies, so trying to metagame an RFP is par for the course for them.

Just my view…