Orphan Stocks

I was noting that SWKS was recommended two and a half months ago and still only has 134 posts on its board. I realize that MF Pro is less active than RB or SA, but still… This is a great company after all and recommended as an Internet of Things pick.

Then there’s WAB, one of the real great stocks to own, and the only stock that’s been up every year of the past 13 of this century, right throughout he great recession, etc. It has 24 posts in almost two years on HG, and none in the last six months. Even on MF SA it has only 124 posts in 2 years.

And CELG, with just 131 posts on its RB board in a year and a half.

Now these are great companies, and great stocks to own, so why don’t they generate much interest. I think it’s partly because they aren’t sexy like TSLA. And also because they don’t face the general public. Everyone knows AAPL, AMZN, GOOG, Facebook, etc but only people in the chip business would know about SWKS, only people in railroads would know WAB, only people with certain types of cancers, and their doctors, would know CELG.

I used these as representative examples. There are lots of other forgotten companies out there that are useful to find.