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If you took Physics in college, you may have encountered the “3 Body Problem” where you’ll learn that a system of three stars is unlikely to hold a stable configuration like our Earth and Sun are blessed with.

Netflix has created a TV series based on this principle. It’s good, (Spoilers in article.)

{{ This is possible through a mind-bending phenomenon known as quantum entanglement. Scientists have observed this property in subatomic particles which essentially operate as one entity, even when they’re separated by billions of light years. In fact, notes Dr. Horowitz, “[It’s] perhaps better to say the two entangled particles share the information rather than receive and transmit it.” In other words, they aren’t so much communicating with one another as simultaneously receiving information from both locations — even though they’re on completely different planets. }} Think of the amount of disinformation you could dispense if you had access to that! {{ LOL }}

Netflix’s 3 Body Problem: The science explained by an astrophysicist - Vox



I read the book the series is based on a couple of years ago. It was interesting but not enough for me to continue the series. It may be because of the translation from Chinese. I felt it could have used more editing, but I feel that way about a lot of first books in a series. It seems that the world building takes precedence over plot and character a lot of time. The characters were barely more than stereotypes. Anyway, not my cup of tea, but as you can see from the link, I am in the minority.

The show has been getting very good reviews, According to the reviewers, it handles some of the problems I found with the book very well. My wife and I are going to start watching it.

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I watched and enjoyed this season. Have to wait for next season to see where Will is headed. Lol.

A bizarre side note:

“ Lin Qi was a billionaire with a dream. The video game tycoon had wanted to turn one of China’s most famous science-fiction novels, “The Three-Body Problem,” into a global hit. He had started working with Netflix and the creators of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” to bring the alien invasion saga to international audiences.

But Mr. Lin did not live to see “3 Body Problem” premiere on Netflix last month, drawing millions of viewers.

He was poisoned to death in Shanghai in 2020, at age 39, by a disgruntled colleague…”

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