OT - A personal message

I know that I asked that we cease posting about the coronavirus, but I received this heartfelt message this morning from one of our very respected board members. It is truly scary and heartbreaking. I suggest you read it and pay attention to what he says, because he is right there!

Hey Saul,

I hope you are well. Would you consider posting something about taking social distancing seriously along with information from the cdc? I’m an anesthesiologist in the bay area. We are truly in crisis mode. The health care system is not ready but the tidal wave of patients has started.

I don’t think many understand how incredibly devastating this is going to be as demand for health care is surging beyond anything we have ever planned for. At the same time the supply of health care is going to take a hit as workers get sick and we face equipment, drug, and bed shortages. We are facing the complete capitulation of our health care system. Any actions we take to slow down the virus won’t be shown in the numbers for around two weeks so even if we implemented a complete lockdown today things will continue to get worse. 2 weeks is an eternity with logrithmic growth.

You have a platform and the respect of a swath of people that wouldn’t normally come together which puts you in the extraordinary position to reach people that might not normal hear the message. The world has changed, many are going to die. Our time to step forward has come.

Warm regards,


Saul here again: The message is clear. Don’t put yourself in danger. Don’t go out in crowds. Avoid face to face contact, wear disposable gloves if you have them, wear a mask. Be careful. This is real, and scary.

And I think how scary it must be for the person who wrote that, and has to put himself in danger every day, all day.

Best to you all.

And no need to respond to this email, it says it all.