OT About 10 million$ ea vs. US involved?

Two Americans are killed while fighting with Ukraine against Russia: Total number of US citizens killed is now four

Two Americans have been killed in the Donbas region of Ukraine, officials said

Their identities have not been released ‘out of respect to the families’

Two other Americans Stephen Zabielski, 52, and Willy Joseph Cancel, 22, have been killed while fighting for Ukraine

Alexander Drueke, 39, and Andy Huynh, 27, both of Alabama, are also being held captive by Russian forces


Just out of curiosity, how do these guys differ conceptually from Syrian volunteers fighting alongside the Russians? They are fighting on the side of light, rather than of darkness? A mercenary should be a paid soldier and treated according to the Geneva Convention as such. An idealistic volunteer can no longer claim civilian status, but unless he/she is formally associated with an involved government, can easily be considered an espionage agent for a third party.