OT: Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are on tonight which is an annual event in our home. Ms. Wolf and her sister watch enthralled while I make snarky comments (think Mystery Science Theater) in between playing Rise of the Kings on my iPad.

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that famous people award themselves tacky gold plated statues for successfully doing a job they were paid millions of dollars to do.

Announcer: And the winner for the “Best Interactive Spreadsheet for Analyzing the Tax Impact for Various Scenarios” goes to ……(opening envelope)……… AlphaWolf!!!

AlphaWolf (tears streaming down my cheeks): First, I want to thank my parents for having a wonderful time 9 months before I was born. I couldn’t have done it without you. Literally. I am so grateful for the Academy awarding me this Oscar for doing what was literally my job description. And I want to thank my boss for paying me for literally doing my job.

Seriously, how can you respect a movie organization that literally did not award a single Oscar to the greatest movie ever made: The Princess Bride.



Most professional organizations have various annual awards. The difference with the Motion Picture Academy is that outsiders and non-members are interested.


Reminds me of an old memory! When I was in High School in the mid-70s, I lived in a dormitory, and for entertainment in the evening, we would often listen to Mystery Theater on the radio (we had no TV of course). I remember one season they did a lot of stuff that was Edgar Allen Poe kind of stuff!

And, yes, the oscars are really kind of ridiculous.

…many many many of the awardees have hot bodies and are wearing sex-dream outfits while setting ever nastier standards of wiseazzery.

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20 minutes into the Oscars and I’ve gotten a half dozen evil eyes from my wife and my sister-in-law isn’t talking to me.

A successful evening, so far.


Maybe, you could suggest the wife watch at the in-law’s next year? Have the nonsense completely out of your house?


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IDK, kinda makes sense. These people’s job is to be in the limelight, starring in movies. The public pays money to see their work. The public is interested in who gets awarded. I agree that it’s medium stupid, but I try not to get upset with stupidity anymore.

I offered to pay my plumber extra to watch him work. I grabbed some popcorn and a beer, sat in a chair to watch him. When he pulled out the pipe wrench, I yelled - “No, not the pipe wrench!”. It felt a little weird, he’s probably not coming back…


“Money makes the world go around
The world go around
The world go around”

The EGOTs are all about money.
For the studios and producers it is about giving legs to whatever is winning the award.
For the actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, … it is about future jobs and bargaining power.

“That clinking, clanking, clunking sound
Is all that makes the world go 'round
It makes the world go 'round!”

In a sense I agree, but on the other hand (as others have pointed out) many organizations award themselves trophies, albeit without as much pomp and circumstance. Some folks also like to see all the “beautiful people” and all the spectacular and/or outlandish clothing these attendees are bedizened in.

I generally try to watch the show to see clips from movies I may not have been aware of or paid much attention to: I often see several that I think I might enjoy so it has a certain utility for me. The speeches are usually boring and same old, same old, though, which can be irritating.


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My favorite moment from the Oscars.

Famous actress wins award and starts gushing how wonderful it is.

S.I.L. - “Awww, I love her. She’s so real.”

AW - “No, she’s just acting like she’s real. Remember, she’s an actress.”

Ms.Wolf & S.I.L. - Double set of evil eyes aimed at yours truly.

Thankfully, our new couch is very comfy to sleep on.