OT .... and a topic I know little about

With no family history and bi-rad score of 1 per recent mammogram, I’m still putting this podcast on the docket for my Z2/MAF etc.etc. training this week. Given my track record with presumed “rude good health”, I can’t afford to ignore this important topic.

Neither can the men.

@WendyBG …does this guest’s name mean anything to you? His credentials appear on point

@VeeEnn I haven’t heard of this doctor. I haven’t watched the video yet. I don’t know whether he discusses the important issue of breast density on detection.

Every woman should ask her radiologist whether she has dense breasts. The density of the breast can hide a cancer both in mammograms and using self-examination. Any abnormality, such as microcalcifications that appear as tiny pinpoint-size white dots, should be followed up by MRI. That is how very tiny, 5 mm (1/5") diameter cancers were found in both of my large, dense breasts. Because they were found so early they did not spread. I didn’t need chemotherapy.

Know your body and how to detect breast cancer as early as possible. This could save your life.