OT: Bali bonking ban

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country. They recently enacted some sharia laws. Pushback ensued when large tourist dollars were at risk.

"Tourists visiting Indonesia will not be charged under a new law which will criminalise sex outside marriage, officials say.

"Dubbed the ‘Bali bonking ban’, the new legislation threatens up to a year in jail for unmarried couples who have sex or six months for those who cohabit.

“But the governor of Bali, a holiday hotspot, said authorities would not check the marital status of tourists.”


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The issues for our consumption are all about tourists. In Indonesia the tourists are not the issue. Yes it is an issue with the money etc…

Bali is one of the very few Indonesian islands which does not have a Muslim majority (almost the entire population is Hindu - what Indonesian Moslems refer to as “Animalististic”)

That said, almost the entire Indonesian population (excluding the island of Bali) is Moslem.

Indonesia is not the only Bahasa-speaking nation with Moslem attitudes of prudish behavior (this photo was taken in Penang, Malaysia):


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Better than stoning.

The Captain