OT:Base Editing

I put this here as a backgrounder. I am not invested in biotech. However, I suspect that it may be the next “Cloud Computing” “SAAS” group. It has in the past destroyed a lot of value.

On the other hand, what is wealth without health?


Grievous genetic diseases caused by point mutations are especially frustrating, because we often know the exact single-letter change that causes the disease and, in theory, could cure the disease. Millions suffer from sickle cell anemia because they have a single A to T point mutations in both copies of their hemoglobin gene. And children with progeria are born with a T at a single position in their genome where you have a C, with the devastating consequence that these wonderful, bright kids age very rapidly and pass away by about age 14. Throughout the history of medicine, we have not had a way to efficiently correct point mutations in living systems, to change that disease-causing T back into a C. Perhaps until now. Because my laboratory recently succeeded in developing such a capability, which we call “base editing.”

This may also have the ability to cure MS. No
human trials yet. Still in the mouse labs.



I think biotech is going to rocket, I just don’t have the stomach for the single-stock risk inherent in this field. I am, however, looking at sector ETF’s in this space like XBI and FBT. I think the space is going to grow rapidly and cannot be ignored, but picking the winners in this space is not something I’ve got the stomach for. :smiley: