In what has to be one of the greatest plays on words of all time, Mark Twain wrote: ‘Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.’

“This can’t possibly be happening. It’s impossible. I just won’t accept it.”

Everyone has observed denial at work. Everyone has experienced denial for him or her self. Denial is a universal experience. One can deny it, but that denial rather proves the point.

Denial is an unavoidable consequence of how the human mind works. The human mind makes gross generalizations about how the world works, in order to easily deal with the commonplace. Why reason about something when the answer is already known? It is known that two plus two is four, so why bother going through a difficult mathematical proof to prove the answer? There’s no need. Denial arises when the world starts working in a way the violates the gross generalizations.


Everyone has observed denial at work.

Sure, and at home, in the media, in government, in finance, …


Denial is the most powerful narcotic.


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