OT: Disappearing food/drink options

Here ya go…


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Thanks. U.S news has a slightly better article with additional details if that is of interest to anyone.

This is sadly not new, though no doubt this particular study is new. Our Environmentalist has been trumpeting that news for some time. Turns out that one of the biggest causes of microplastics in our water and food sources is from washing clothes made with synthetic materials. More than one hoodie was rejected as of 16, for not being 100% cotton, something surprisingly hard to find.

Specifically, the study found plastic microfibers—tiny polyester and acrylic threads that matched those in textiles. Today scientists estimate that textiles produce 35% of the microplastic pollution in the world’s oceans (in the form of synthetic microfibers), which would make textiles the largest known source of marine microplastic pollution.

not sure pulling water from the tap will be much better than bottled


I would think it would be a matter of where the water came from. Water from an underground aquifer would probably have less plastic in it, but water from a surface source, like a lake or river, would probably have plenty.

Most of the bottled water, is just city water that was run through an additional filter, if that.


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You might want to read the articles. Some of the findings on the nanoplastics, which are measurably smaller than microplastics, are new, and the potential for damage to our cells appears to be much greater than previously thought.

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Appreciated, but I almost never drink bottled water.


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@Steve203 - decided to try the Wendy’s breakfast menu.
Was curious about the 2 for $3 items. This particular location has four items options, so I started with a pair of different biscuit types, and then added a pair of the other two items.
Favorite item: Seasoned potatoes.

Wait time dampened the experience - but not enough to skip future breakfast stops.

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I’m not out and about that early. Ended up having a burger at Wendy’s for lunch this afternoon, because the co-located Tim’s was out of most stuff. They had the chicken, but no panini bread. I didn’t ask about the materials for a ham and swiss or turkey club, because they didn’t have a croissant to put the materials on, and I don’t like the “artisan” bread, because it’s too hard.

As I munched my burger, I was watching “TMZ” on the dining room TV. They were going on, at length, about the new burger at Mickey D’s: which is apparently a Big Mac, but with four cold, dry, burned, patties, instead of only two. I could not hear the sound, so not really sure if the TMZ piece was “advertising dressed up as news”, or not.