OT: Edge City: Life on the New Frontier,

“Edge City: Life on the New Frontier,” by Joel Garreau, Doubleday, NY, 2019. This 546-page hardback describes the communities on the edge of cities. First the cities developed downtown, then the suburbs. The Edge City evolved to take advantage of open space for parking and expansion further from the suburbs and especially when businesses decided to group in these informal areas–often near intersections of major highways. Garreau gives us chapters with maps and extensive details of ten of these Edge Cities: New Jersey, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix. Texss, Southern California, San Francisco Bay and Washington, DC. In Chapter 11, he lists about 45 more with brief summaries. This is an excellent buyer’s guide for the real estate investor or business that plans to expand into new cities.

Appendices include a glossary of technical terms and a summary of applicable laws and legal terms. References. Index. Maps.