OT: Etch-A-Sketch

OK, my sister-in-law’s foot is healing nicely and, in a week or so, we will have to give her car back (I could steal it, but she knows where I live). My car was sold months ago and my wife’s car was totaled a few months ago. We are without a car.

I wanted to hold out until the 4th quarter, but that’s no longer an option. So we bit the bullet and bought a 2024 Accord Hybrid (I wanted a CR-V but Ms. Wolf vetoed it because it was too large for her. Yes, dear.). Delivery in 2-3 weeks.

To protect the catalytic converter from theft, the dealer is “willing” to soak us for another $70.95 (plus tax) to purchase and install a catalytic converter etching kit. Ground clearance is 5.8 inches.

Should I take Ms. Wolf out for ice cream at our local dairy or buy an Etch-A-Sketch for my new catalytic converter to protect it from very skinny thieves?

Anyone own Weathertech mats? Expensive.

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A few years ago, the local TV station did an experiment to test the ethics of a local scrap dealer. They borrowed a big, aluminum, loading ramp from U-Haul. Took the ramp to the scrap yard to see if the place would buy it. The place made a cash offer for the ramp instantly. The under cover reporter pointed out the ramp had “Property of U-Haul” cast into it. The scrap dealer said that was not an issue, because “that ramp will be melted down tonight”.



It may be helpful if the perp is caught in flagrante delicto, otherwise probably not.



Hey @AlphaWolf - Don’t assume that the thieves are skinny. I’m going to try an find this picture again, but I saw a picture just this morning on FB of a couple of guys who were stealing catalytic converters and they had a hydraulic jack with them in the back of the pickup.


  • If you garage your car at night, I think you should be OK.

I do. I got them as a gift, but they are great. I live in Seattle where it is often wet in the winter, so they have really been good for the interior. They fit great too, which is the thing you have to look out for with aftermarket mats. Only thing is they get discolored by dirt, so even if they are clean they don’t look clean. I haven’t figured out a good solution.


Mine was stolen back in April. They took a stepping stone out of my hard and used it to block up the front tire and must have used a jack.

I’m not etching anything on it would matter except maybe to hunt down the crooks later. Meanwhile you have an unusable car anyway. Car makers should have to do this at the factory, IMO.



If you can’t clean your mats, the best solution would be to buy new mats.

signed: Weathertech Management.

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Weathertech mgmt obviously does not see their own TV ads.

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I think this is the site I used recently about two months ago.

About ten years ago I bought WeatherTechs. I was doing a lot of driving at that time. They wore way too quickly.

I bought rubber mats from Amerian Floor Mat. The quality is far better than WeatherTech’s sort of foam stuff.

The fit was excellent. The cost was much less.


Thanks, Leap.

I’ll look into these.

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