OT: Event filled day (2/16/22)

Was planned that way, but three of my Top 10 holdings are reporting today
#9 Flex LNG (FLNG): Pre-market
#8 Star Bulk (SBLK): After Close
#3 Golden Ocean (GOGL): Pre-market

All three happen to be shipping ideas. For each case, the respective initial investments were not based on the payout. However, each of three has turned into a variable dividend monster in 2021. Will wait to see the Q4 dividend payouts and each company’s outlook for 2022.

Off to Milan, Italy.

Virtually :slight_smile:

My favorite soccer team, Liverpool FC, has an important football fixture in San Siro stadium, Milan
Go Liverpool, YNWA !!



The first line in the OP was supposed to have said
Was not planned that way, but three of my Top 10 holdings are reporting today

#9 Flex LNG – Wow!
#8 Star Bulk – Double Wow!!
#3 Golden Ocean – Wow!

and Liverpool FC won their match - Wohoo!!!

There’s Macro stuff in each of the reporting company’s briefing, so I will have new threads.

To leave off with an idea of my excitement. Obviously, both my taxable accounts and my Roth IRA are going to change during the course of 2022.
However, if I take my anticipated dividend total for the taxable account currently, the sum of Q4 dividends from the three entities above would be 22.4%

A very happy HohumYNWA


First, congratulations on a well earned victory with a strategy that you largely explained and shared here on METAR.

Second, well, WOOHOO!

David fb

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