OT: Fabulous lecture on the 3D Trig Algebra of Origins Quantum Physics


Is a stunningly clearly well presented lecture, starring the calculations for designing the experimental approach for precise measurements of black box radiation, the research leading to what was called “the Ultraviolet Catastrophe” and immediately lead to Planck’s breakthrough theory of quanta physics.

You need to be comfy with 3D algebra trigonometry and algebraic thermodynamic theory to procede, but if so, this lecture is so good that to my shock I experienced it in a delightful, almost meditative, intellectual rush, this despite my miserable, post intense travel AND new Moderna Covid shot, jet lagged cold mixed with nastiness.

I think internet scholarship might have radically improved the art of fine, intensely educative, lecturing.

david fb


I flunked physics in college because I could not keep up with the math.

The Captain


Love that!

No neurobiology, electrochemistry, or stack-oriented programming language needed, at least not in the first five minutes. :wink:



Viewing this lecture from the perspective of an unsolved and alarming problem provides a sanguinity not common in today’s age.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Future generations must reflect similarly on our generations lest we perish from the earth.

If you haven’t watched the lecture, watch the last 30 seconds, THEN watch the rest of it.

He manages to demonstrate the practical necessity of understanding all techniques taught from geometry through differential equations when approaching unknown problems.

My delights in school were always founded upon the practical implications of approach, solution and application.

In this way, I developed an intuition of the problem and the solution while struggling -at times- with the rote analysis and memorization that is so common place in homework.