OT: Fun Article for Steve

Boston’s new Mayor just hired a new Economic Development Secretary who has been successful in her business career. She founded PillPack and sold it to Amazon for $750MM. Here’s a picture of her and her management team. When I saw the Chief Business Officer’s last name, I immediately thought of Steve and his love for the bean counters.


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I tried to use Pillpack for a few months. Gave up on them after the first TWO months were wrong AND then a couple months later, they sent my order with pills missing. Plus late delivery on temp-controlled drugs meant I could not tell if they were still good after 28 days. I dropped Pillpack after that and devised my own system. Guess what? My system worked fairly consistently–theirs did not (based on real-world experience).


“Swindle” eh?..plus more content for 20 characters.