OT Garlic Hack Using a Knife

This works really well with a knife and can be done with a fork as well.

You are in for a surprise.

I think you can see this without joining tiktok.


She just says something about microwave and soak in water, How long in water? How long in microwave? I didn’t see any accompanying text.

Those were prior methods she tried that dont work.

This method works without water or microwaving.

The whole thing is to simply stick a knife dull or sharp into the bulb centered on a clove of garlic and twist out the clove with none of the usual unwrapping work of the layers of fiber. It does work. It is ultra easy.

Basically the knife does two things, one expands the clove breaking the fiber while the bit of twisting breaks the fiber completely off and takes out the unwrapped clove of garlic. There is nothing to it.

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