OT: Golda - a performance and story to be reckoned with

IMHO there are three current actresses who can “become” nearly anyone. There is Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren.

While Streep’s French chef gig blew me away, it’s rare to see such a convincing transformation as Helen Mirren as the chain-smoking grandma appearing force of nature who was Golda Meir.

Today, I saw the movie “Golda” which brings to life the paralle story of the 1973 Midddle-East War. Among other things, this brought into focus the tank battled in northern Israel known as the “Valley of Tears” where nearly every defending Israeli tank was lost holding back a much larger Syrian tank invasion which, if it had broken through, would have cut the country in half. (On a personal note, one of my friends was the driver of the tank commander’s tank during the battle. I wasn’t ware of his role until I recognized a much younger version of him in a documentary movie about the battle).

Anyhow, if you are a history buff, from the annecdotal stories I’ve heard over the years, the movie gives an accurate representation of what took place during one of the periods where the survival of the country was part of the taable stakes.



When looking at Israel today from the outside looking in if we forget Golda’s period we do not fully know why. As she would do there is good and bad in all of it.